Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back to School Night: a success!

I had an awesome time meeting parents and recognized some parents whose siblings I have taught. I'm attaching the PowerPoint I presented in case you missed it or wanted to review what I said.

BTSN PowerPoint 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back to School Night is this coming Tuesday: September 23rd, 2014

I can't wait to meet you parents! I am excited about this school year and the partnership in responsibility we both share to make the most opportunities to learn this school year.

In their homework they will be practicing checkpoint materials that I may not have taught them directly. Course 3 Checkpoint materials. And Course 2 checkpoint materials.

If you want material to review with your children, I have provided a link to the parent guide for both textbooks we will be using. Math 8 students will be using Core Connections Course 3, there's a 97 page parent guide. Math 7 accelerated will be using parts of it.

Math 7 will be studying Core Connections Course 2 and the parent guide can be found here, at 134 pages.

Their website has smaller versions that go by chapter.

I look forward to seeing all of you so you can see some of your kids work and know the structures of my classroom.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Math 7 Students: Theoretical versus Experimental Probability?

Math 7 and accelerated students were given clues about how a spinner was colored in based on percentages and fractions. They came up with the theoretical probability. Then we gathered data from 5 of the groups of students who spun their spinner 10 times using a pencil and a bent paperclip. Here are the results.

What does this tell you? What is the difference between experimental and theoretical probability? What would change if we got data from all 8 groups instead of just 5 groups?

Math 8 Topic and later Math 7: Proportional Relationships

Proportional relationships can be analyzed by creating a t-chart or more commonly known as a table. These data points can then be graphed on an (x,y) coordinate plane. Here are some situations we looked at. Can you come up with an example? How about a non-example?
If your child takes Math 8, ask them to see these notes. We took them yesterday (Monday September 15th) during an interactive lecture.

Here is a link to the Parent Guide for Chapter 1 for extra practice: CC 3 Chapter 1 Parent Guide

California drought

What information can you infer from this graph? Feel free to reply. Courtesy of SF Unified Math twitter feed

Quadrants of the coordinate plane

If you look out at the horizon you'll see a horizontal line. 

I always wondered why the quadrants were numbered in counter clockwise direction. 

I found my answer on twitter. Where does the sun rise? In the east  

I have not found out why they are numbered as Roman numerals yet. Reply and inform me. 

We went over graphing coordinates in math 8 and math 7 accelerated. We had to clear up some misconceptions and I fe we did. 

Via Carrie Wong, ask your self what do you notice about the coordinates in the first quadrant and so on?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Homework Help

Homework help is offered at In addition I also open my room every Monday or the first day of the week from 3 to 4 to all math students who would like personalized assistance. Come join us in H-1!

Class Expectations

This was also sent home. This details the supplies I'd like students to have, how assignments are graded, and more.

Math 8

Math 7

Math 7 Accelerated

Letter Home to Parents

The first assignment of the school year was for parents or guardians sitting down with their child and reading this over and to return the bottom portion.

Letter Home

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Math 7 Accelerated Topics and Content

To be completely transparent, the following PDF file links to all the topics the students will learn this year. When it says CC2 that's Core Connections Course 2 which is 7th grade curriculum. Therefore, CC3 is Core Connections Course 3 which is 8th grade curriculum. I've also linked what their 8th grade year would look like with finishing up 8th grade curriculum and completing the full Common Core Algebra course.

7th Grade Accelerated Course Outline

8th Grade Accelerated Course Outline

Edmodo Group Codes

If you are in my Math 8 class, the group code is "gtxwn7".

Math 7 is "hgwfe3" and Math 7 Accelerated is "k928t7".


Edmodo is a great place to ask me questions, ask each other questions, and answer questions that you know the answer to. I will definitely factor in your helpfulness and activity on Edmodo into your participation grade.