Monday, May 4, 2015

Can these sides form a triangle? If so, acute, obtuse, or right?

These notes were taken after collecting data using sides of squares to form triangles in lesson 9.2.1. After discovering some of the patterns we synthesized our learning with these notes.

The illuminati sign at the top of the triangle grabbed my students attention. They are all obsessed with it for some reason. 

I asked my students if they could think of a way to remember how to differentiate the inequalities for acute and obtuse. I just thought of a triangle everyone can identify. What's true about all of them? They are similar, three 60 degree angles, and three congruent side lengths. 3 sides of 3 would be 3 squared plus 3 squares which is 9+9 which is 18 and greater than the third side squared: 3 squared which would be 9. 

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