Thursday, June 4, 2015

Online Test Procedure

The test can be taken on a Chromebook in class. It can also be taken from a smart phone as long as you are using the Google Chrome app instead of the Safari app on an iPhone. If you are absent, you will be able to take this test from home. I will provide the link.

Be sure to enter your first and last name, your school email address that you have logged into, which is your 6 digit student ID

There are some multiple choice answers with only one correct choice, and multiple correct answers with checkboxes, where I told you to "Check all that apply." There is also some short answer problems and a Learning Log reflection. There may be extra credit questions at the end of the test.

I will email you the test results.

Math 8 Ch. 10 Test:
Math 7 Accelerated Ch. 8/9/10 Test:
Math 7 Ch. 9 Test:

After you finish the test, sign in to Khan Academy and join the class code HMC9BX.

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