Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 11: Solving Proportions & Finishing Cubic & Absolute Value functions

Today students estimated the number of papers in a ream. We looked at easier strategies to convert the percent error from a fraction to a percent. I also went over the Study Team Norms. Ideally I would have liked to have a conversation with students to construct these themselves, but these are the norms I want to establish and ones that I refer to a lot. Students completed a table by dividing 2 quantities to find the multiplier and using it in the second quantity. I showed students how the Giant One is actually that same method, except written as a proportion (two ratios equal to each other). It's only a one day lesson, so students will tomorrow be introduced to the algebra tiles that will now include xy, y, and y squared.

In accelerated I talked with my students about how disjointed their group work was yesterday and their was too much independent work. Students did not create x y tables for the cube root of x and did not follow the directions in scaling their x axis from -150 to 150. More than one student scaled their Y axis this way. We talked about how and why this was incorrect. They also full described the function, noticing their were no lines of symmetry and the x and y intercepts were at the origin.

The absolute value function was investigated as well. Students saw there was a vertex at the origin, the slope was negative and then positive. They will be working on function machines tomorrow.

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