Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 12: 3 ways to solve a proportion & function machines

I didn't feel comfortable moving on to introducing algebra tiles until Friday. Students needed thinking time to interpret and understand the 3 alternative methods to solving a proportion: Giant One, Undoing Division, and Fraction Busters, which leads to the cross product method.

Students reported out how to get the number in the Giant One. They applied these methods, while I was still happy when seeing some students successfully execute the cross products method.

Tomorrow is Character Ed Day, watching a Camfel film, debriefing, and "The Bully" movie after lunch.

In accelerated students explored the f(x) notation. Some did not immediately understand that f(x) is the output and represents y. I also let Harrison point out the ability to use the "plus or minus" symbol after you square root both sides of a quadratic equation.

I finished grading all Week 1 mastery assessments and will pass them back this Friday.

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