Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 13: Character Education Day

I have first period prep so students previewed some information about the CAMFEL 3-screen presentation. It talked about overcoming obstacles to do amazing things. The presentation ended early at 10 and I had my 2nd period students for 25 minutes before recess because of no KTLR. Students initially did not raise their hands at all. I distributed post-its and made a t-chart and allowed students to post in the middle if they wanted to discuss both. Left side was obstacles we face (height, divorced parents) and must overcome and how we will. The right side was ideas to be amazing people (ex: overcome height disadvantage to excel at high school golf, archery mastery, cross country runner).

I couldn't believe the amount of realness on the left side. Students all came up at once to put the post-its up anonymously for me to ready. Some highlights of obstacles: trouble making friends, anxiety, procrastination, mother passing away at age 10. We discussed the last one, saying we have to value our parents being alive.

The right side received some less thoughtful responses (safe) though I liked reading about a student wanting to help others with their problems, start a Jeans for Teens drive like in the movie, helping a classmate when they don't understand, and using American Sign Language to interpret for the deaf.

After recess with 3rd period we reviewed what it meant to be an upstander. Once again different students anonymously posted ways they have been an upstander or ideas on how to be one. A lot of real stories were shared about negative interactions in P.E.

In 4th period, we talked about being bystanders and being biased and taking the side of the bully. I also pointed out my student from last year about playing the guitar and singing at the talent show. I asked her how she was at guitar when she started and how it made her fingers feel. She said she wasn't good at the beginning and developed the callouses so it didn't hurt to play. This was an example of her having a goal and working towards it.

In 5th period we watched The Bully Project movie. The DVD was skipping over the network KTLR and we had like 30 minutes back in my room before the bell rang at 3. So, I told them we were going to play a math game (next time we will play 4 strikes by Marilyn Burns). This time we played PIG. Students got the hang of it and liked it a lot. Next time I should give them score cards so they are all accountable for the calculations. I wrote it on the white board and asked them to add the totals for me.

If you haven't played pig, here's the rules: All kids stand up. Roll a dice. Lands on 4. If you sit down, you have 4. If you stay standing, you have a chance to get more points. I roll a 3. Now people standing have 7 unless they sit down. Once you roll a 1, and you're standing, you get no points.

Overall, did not do any estimation (no estimating "cheeseballs") but we did a lot of deep digging about some tough to talk about topics.

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