Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 17: Pairs check Perimeter of algebra tiles (video) and tilepatterns revisited

Students had a hard time with today's estimation. It was how many staples were in the box. Yesterday's was how many staples in the staple gun strip. One student got really close with their thinking that there were 8 rows of strips that could fit, and they have 2 in each row because 1 can fit inside the other. So, they reasoned 16(78) and got really close to the answer.

Today yogi Berra passed away. One of my students is a true baseball fan because he wore this awesome shirt with his quotes on it today:

I introduced students to one of CPM's study team strategies and modeled it for them. 

Here's how the pairs check strategy works:
  1. Student A does the first problem talking about what they are doing.
  2. Student B watches, does not write, listens, and asks questions if they don't understand or agree.
  3. When Student A finishes, they check their work with the other pair at the table (and the board).
  4. If correct, Student B completes the problem, and then reverse roles on the next problem.
In the first class I modeled as Student A who needed to be asked questions by Student B. Later on I realized I should model being Student B because I am better at asking good questions (no offense to my students!). The student pretended to not know how to label the sides so I asked what this tile was called (unit tile). What is this tile called (x tile). What do you think this side is then?

I had students check their answers from the board for problems a through d. When the unit tile covered up the x tile they reasoned it was 3/4 of an x tile. That reasoning is sound. I asked them if we knew how much was being covered up and that lead them in the right direction. I was pleasantly surprised that some students with IEP were quick to understand x-1 as a side length! I hope they remember that on Friday when it is Skill 5 on their assessment!

In 5th period two students were willing to present and I filmed them. They did a great job. I added some closure to it to help students understand their methods. Here's the video:

In accelerated, students worked on Figure 0, 4, and 100 of a tile pattern along with the equation. It was a great review from last year. They also identified equations of lines by looking at their graph and their table. Tomorrow is revisiting slope. A lot of students were rusty with it from over the summer so I am excited they get a chance to review it.

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