Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Day 2... more estimation, 4 coordinates, and function machines

I am super proud of the banner I made above my white board to match our Estimation 180 sheet. Today we estimated Mrs. Stadel's height. I liked how Mary Catherine made a safe but accurate too high estimate of 6'4" because that's Mr. Stadel's height. We continued our discussion about percent error with a few of you remembering the ratio is error over actual answer. A lot of you remembered to convert to inches. Right now we are focusing on whole number percent error, but as we get further in the year we will look at rounding to the closest tenth of a percent.

I really liked this groups work because they finished early and accepted my challenge to add more labels to their axes and were quite successful. What can you learn about each student?

The activity above sparked some great discussions in the accelerated class. The above picture is NOT the correct order. Basically, you want to input 15 into one of the function machines at the top, and arrange them in order below it so your final output is negative 6. Hans worded it beautifully. The output for the function becomes the input for the next function. There was some confusion with using the output of the first function as the output of the second function. Also, when I asked groups which function machine can't be last you said the one with the exponent because anything times itself will be a positive number. Great. Some of you also realized it couldn't be the first function because it gave you an output that was way too big. We will wrap up our discussion on this tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will be embarking on 1.1.2 in CC3 for Common Core 8 class and for accelerated 1.1.2 in CC Algebra. Great work ladies and gentlemen.

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