Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 22: Expression Mat "Legal Moves" & Piecewise Graphs

The estimation today was estimating a box of envelopes. Most students overestimated. I liked the estimate of 125 because some students said the box look 25% bigger than the box of file folders.

I passed back last Friday's assessment which was the last chance on Skill 3, Percent error. The photo below is the procedure I want students to follow before retaking the skill. There's no point in retaking it if you still don't understand the concept.

Students finished the 1/2 sheet of paper with two expression comparison mats. I circulated asking students questions and checking their understanding. Once a few students were done I picked a student to show us on the document camera. Prior to this, I reviewed the 3 "legal moves" that I will have students take notes on tomorrow so they can reference it. Then students practiced building expressions, simplifying them, and writing inequalities to compare them.

Since my TV isn't functioning, my 2nd period students helped me inventory the algebra tiles because students were carelessly putting them back in the box letting some spill into the box, making the bags of tiles uneven. Tomorrow we will do some math to balance out the bags. These sets need to be as complete as possible because accelerated will be using them to learn factoring quadratics.

In accelerated, I passed out the 1/2 sheet with the piecewise graph of it. Students had experience in their science class describing distance-time graphs so they were familiar with it. Thanks Mrs. Newiger and Mrs. Bronson! They wrote equations for each of the 3 parts of the graph and wrote the domains of each section. I will hand back their assessments tomorrow. Tomorrow we will review the baby chick problem where students are given a growth rate and a data point and must write an equation of the growth. This is a skill that will not be on Friday's assessment, but next Friday's.

I also want to post this Jon taffer quote and meme in my classroom:

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