Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 4: Algebra walk

I setup the xy coordinate with chalk for the 4th year in a row. This lesson plan from CC3 1.1.3 is by far the best learning experience my students current and past have had. Next year, I do want to expand it with more cards and 2 carefully measured ropes with duct tape evenly spaced out.

Using color coded sticky dots back in the classroom to plot their location from outside

I created a video clip on my flip camera that's only two minutes of the highlights. I shortened it down from 20 minutes of being outside. Thank you to our vice principal Miss Macalino for holding the camera.

The beautiful aspect of video is I can reflect on my terrible posture, what my students said, and what I said that sparked their thinking. After watching this, I am so happy I asked my students, "who is easy to find on the graph?" And students would always pick the person standing on the y-axis. It was a great point of discussion.

Choral reading of the equation and the sentence helped. Asking the students if it was decreasing or increasing from left to right lead to an awesome conversation once we got to y equals x squared.

For the accelerated classes, students collected the rest of their data, organized it on tables, and graphed the linear relationship, exponential, and inverse proportion.

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