Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 3: Describing Pattern Growth, Collecting Data

The estimation 180 warm-up was Mr. Stadel's son. 
I liked that some students in another period said the boy was half of Mr. Stadel's height, and another student said Mr. Stadel was twice the boy's height.

I did not take pictures of students work on the tile pattern, but students pointed out how the bottom row was growing by a total of 2 tiles, a column was added, and the height of the column was 1 more than the previous tile figure. Students justified to the class how their Figure 1 looked, because it was a point of contention at each group.

Collecting data in CC Algebra about a disease spreading...

Using 36 squares to make different hot tub designs.

Algebra walk, 1.1.3, is setup for tomorrow outside... courtesy of green and blue sidewalk chalk. All laminated posters, sticky dots, and color-coded notecards are ready to go. KTLR, out student news network should be by to record one of the classes, and I will bring my Flip camera. I contemplated buying a rope to make it in a bigger area but that will be for next year. I also modify it and use only -3 to positive 3 instead of -6 to positive 6 like the lesson suggests. 

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