Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 6: Practicing Graphing & Transformations

Today's estimation challenge was a good one. It was estimate the number of almonds in the cup. At first many students said "I guessed 24 because it looked like it." Then some students progressed to counting what they saw, and then doubling it thinking that was how many were on the other side. I highlighted students who discussed counting a layer of 8 almonds on top and seeing about 4 layers total, and multiplying those together. I showed how those students were using their knowledge of how volume works in finding the base layer and multiplying by the number of layers or height.

I distributed textbooks today that can be used as a reference for topics we will be learning. CC 8 practiced graphing points on the worksheet Reteaching 1-10 and to finish for homework.

Accelerated students got textbooks as well and worked on Aaron's Design, a MARS task that reviewed concepts from last year that include transformations like reflections and rotations.

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