Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 9: Assessment Friday & red light green light 1.2.1 proportional relationships and Alg I square root of x posters

Today's estimation compared the 10 tissue package to a box of tissues. Using proportional reasoning, students figured 2 fit on the base, and there were 4 layers of that, so 2*4 is 8. So 10*8 is 80. It ended up being quite close to the correct answer.

In CC 8 we started on 1.2.1 which instructs students to create a table and graph for 3 non-routine possible proportional situations. The textbook suggests the red light green light strategy which I love and used but modified it a bit. I basically had 3 posters with the problem and a flap to fold up to check their answer. Once the whole group finished part a, they got a red light. The person who finished first copied their work onto a post it, and brought it up to check their answer, then stick it on when they were correct.

The best part of this study team strategy is that I have a visual aid of how students are progressing. I could see 7 groups had finished part a, 3 had finished part b, and 1 had finished part c. It was awesome feedback. Students didn't get too far because I saved 12 minutes at the end of the period for their first "standards-based" grading assessment. The first skill was adding and subtracting like and unlike fractions, skill 2 was graphing and reading points on the coordinate plane, and the final skill was percent error.

In the accelerated class, students started on their posters for square root functions and finished them up on Monday while giving feedback.

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