Tuesday, September 1, 2015

day 1: satisfying (sweat and sore feet included)

I had a great first day meeting all my students today. Managed to give all of you a high 5 while taking roll on the way in and completed day 1 of estimation180. Remember: you can go to estimation180.com and make it up when you're absent. And once again, please don't tell the actual answer to later classes, let them make their estimations, thanks.

Great conversations about writing 5 9, 6 feet, 5 1/2 feet, 5 ft 6 in, and the proper math symbols and punctuation as you wrote it 5'9". You transitioned from "little line thingy" to apostrophe and we got our  quotation mark double 2 finger salute to doctor evil. 

Reasoning was great. Some of you compared Mr. Stadel's height to average men or your dads height. I also heard references to the fence behind him as well as the bush below it. 

Lastly, counting up strategies were heard when finding 3 inches to get from 5'9" to 6 feet and then adding 4 more inches to get to his total height and a total of 7 inches error. Then the conversations about how to make a percent error dividing error by actual answer. We of course shook off the rust and did some choral long division.

As you worked, pieces of 8 graphs were handed out randomly and you found your new group members. After introducing yourselves and figuring out your team roles it was glue and brainstorm time. 

I think students had the best thought processes when I asked what's happening in part one and when have you seen a situation like that. The creativity was great. You also thought about how to label the x and y axis to correspond to your story. 

I like the vocabulary usage of how the water supply is changing.

Some vivid details here!

Lemonade stand

Itsy Bitsy Spider... Junior

I like how this group labeled their y-axis with numbers and their y-axis with years that corresponded to their story.

In the accelerated class students used the cc algebra card sorts to match a situation or pattern to its table rule and graph. I could tell some of you didn't think of y=mx+b until I asked what equation did we spend a lot of time on last year that started with y equals... Then your conversations got going. 

I like how this group made specific connections to other representations of the linear pattern.

Great day and I am charged up for this school year. Mathography letter to me due Wednesday. 

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