Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 29: Patterns in Tables & Writing Equations from a Scatterplot

Today's estimation was a fun one because it had a video reveal. Students estimated the number of sheets on a smaller roll of toilet paper that was next to a full roll. Discussed student's reasoning for finding 1/6 of 425. They said divide by 6. I should have asked them why are we dividing by 6?

Students started lesson 3.1.1 by doing the first 5 patterns as a class. To get ready for silent board game, I had students tell me missing entries before telling me the rule, so students who didn't get it had a chance to figure out the pattern. Then they add 2 entries that fit the rule. I had students finish the rest with their groups. Then we did Mathography community building: everyone stand up, stay standing if this, stay standing if that, etc... Students love it.

Then students took a 15 minute assessment. They were assessed on Skills 5, 6, and 7. The new skill was 7, solving equations. Students asked if they needed to draw an equation mat. I said it was not necessary, and only if you thought it would help you. I'm interested to see how the model helps them. It will definitely earn them a little more credit in the effort department when I score it.

In accelerated I passed back their post it note feedback. I think they were surprised I graded it, and I think that students will take giving constructive feedback more seriously next time.

Since I have the same accelerated students as I did last year, I decided to start an extra step in community building when a student asked, "when do we get to learn more about you?" I had previously thought about this and now was prompted by a student. So, I gave every student a chance to write a question on a post it note that was personal but appropriate for school. Every week I will read the question and answer it.

Students took their assessment. I have a feeling a lot of students will be doing makeup homework because a lot of students made mistakes on graphing an absolute value function. To retake skill 5 they will be required to show evidence of homework, correct and analyze all mistakes on skill 5 (graphing parabolas, cubic, and absolute value functions) and complete a practice sheet to qualify for retaking skill 5. I will outline this again in a future blog post. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures today.

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