Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 37: Dented Square & Absolute Value Equations

Today's estimation was how many vines in a full container. It's a great video and students loved the anticipation. I liked one student's reasoning who said they thought there were 10 handfuls in a container, so since 1 handful is 18 red vines, then 18*10 is 180. This was close to the correct answer. We also talked about estimating the percent error.

I had students grapple with the perimeter of a dented square. I asked probing questions as students worked on it. Once half the groups figured it out I had students explain how they got the perimeter. Some students were able to explain it two different ways. You can label all the sides, or label the right side x and erase the left side of the unit square that's labeled 1. Or, label that side 1 and the right side is x-1. Then we discussed the boundaries of x. They realized it had to be positive, and it couldn't be 1, so x>1. On Monday we'll finish talking about how this is shown on a graph. They took their assessments on skills 6, 7, and 8. I can tell students remember nothing about discrete and continuous graphs to we will review that Monday and write some definitions. Also, on Tuesday, I will be doing a crash course on integers using number lines and integer tiles. Then they will complete a pre-assessment that will set up a Formative Assessment Lesson for Thursday and Friday.

In accelerated, class didn't start well. I had to deal with a student who was disrespectful and also talk to my class about how they told a sub that another teacher (Miss Wong) refuses to sub their class. I told them that that is nothing to be proud of. I also said the fact that the best teacher on campus doesn't want to sub your class, should be something you're ashamed of.

Students worked on distributive property and absolute value equations. It was a bit frustrating because once again some students were not working cooperatively, leading to many students at different paces. One student came up and gave a great explanation of how to write 2 equations to solve from 1 absolute value equation, which is pictured below.

Next week, accelerated will learn Pythagorean theorem, a topic every 8th grader will learn later on in the year during chapter 9.

Also, a former student who I taught in 7th and 8th grade, Jorge came to visit me at lunch. He was on campus after coming back from a week at Outdoor Education being a cabin leader. He's a sophomore at Mills taking Geometry now. Great to see former students, especially seeing progress and growth both physically and mentally.

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