Friday, October 9, 2015

Plan for Desmos PD with our math department

Math-specific Technology Professional Development

Goals: Share what I learned at the CPM Best Practices Academy regarding Desmos. Demonstrate lessons with teachers acting as students with Desmos activities that can be implemented this year, for each specific grade level. One of the LCAP goals is to infuse technology in our classroom lessons.

Background: Eli Luberoff, CEO of Desmos, presented to 32 teachers this summer at CPM’s professional development on the last day. I implemented what I learned below:

I blogged about a summary of everything I learned at the week long professional development here:

I reviewed how Polygraph: Points (Math 8) and Match my Pattern and Match My Line (Math 8 accel) to review equations of patterns along with slope of lines:

Here is how Polygraph: Parabolas went with the accelerated class:

Agenda: I will start up the activity and show what it looks like from the teacher perspective. Then all math teachers will join in using the class code. I’m anticipating 20 minutes per grade level.

6th grade activity:
Tile Pile (proportional reasoning using tiles and a table)

6th/7th grade activity:
Polygraph: Shaded Rectangles (fractions vocabulary review)

8th grade:
Central Park: (algebraic thinking)
Polygraph: Systems of Equations: (fully aligned to CCSS 8th grade)
Polygraph: Points (necessary at beginning of school year)

Extensions: (search bar at the top for Desmos & user-created content) (Desmos Bank: Grades 6-12 activities by the Math community on Twitter, #mtbos)

Math 8 Accelerated (Algebra I content)

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