Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 47: distributive property & systems

Today I skipped to the capacity of a soda can for day 51. A lot of students didn't know a soda can was 12 ounces. Many overestimated. I think the measuring cup next to it threw them off. It's surprising that a can of soda in actuality is not exactly 12 ounces. 

Students worked on using algebra tiles to represent algebra tile problems after recognizing the differences between two equations that had all the same numbers except one had parentheses. Great conversation. They also used algebra tiles to build draw and simplify expressions. Then students took their assessment. 

In accelerated students worked on word problems and what variables and expressions represented in those word problems. They then solved a problem and a system of equations then took their test. 

In every class I rearranged their seats so that students not going in the sojourn field trip were in a group and near the front of the class and it reflected in the seating chart. We also did community building with their mathographies before the test. 

I will be chaperoning the sojourn trip. Here is the plan for the 4 days I'm gone:

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