Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 48 to 51: Sojourn to the Past Trip

I have a bunch of written reflections of the trip, but I am going to upload my photos here and write some captions.
Jimmy Webb - Civil Rights activist in Selma and worked for Nelson Mandela in South Africa

Best Thomas Jefferson historian in the country.

How University of Virginia started.

Thomas Jefferson


Big believer in the Socratic method (Socrates)

Front of Monticello. Check out the back of the nickel. It's on there.

Selfie with Monticello

Jefferson's grave.

He wrote a very simple and to the point caption on his obelisk.

View from Little Round Top. Gettysburg, PA

Holding off the charging Confederates here.

Cool memorial of cavalry.


Reliving Picket's Charge.

Monument to California fighters on the Union side... with a shamrock!

Sharing thoughts on war.

Fields of Gettysburg.

Wouldn't want that view.


Real 59 caliber musket balls.

58 caliber Union bullets from the civil war.

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial inscriptions.

Massive Jefferson statue.

Great view of the Washington monument.

Reflecting about the architecture of the memorial.

View from Lincoln Memorial. Beautiful day. Reminded me of Forrest Gump.

I wrote a letter to the family of fallen soldier Jack S Swender.

My estimation task, how many names in this section?

Same estimation task. Which is a better picture?

Lifelike statues of Vietnam war soldiers.

Memorial to women who died.

Especially the nurses.

View of the whole Vietnam memorial.

Another angle.

White House at night.

Lincoln Memorial at night.

What's up Abraham?

Washington memorial lit up.

Selfie with Abe.

From afar.

MLK Jr memorial. Amazing quote.

Tapping into our conscience.

The simplest yet most impactful quote.

Amazing and huge statue of Martin Luther King.

View of the river.

Minnijean Brown of the Little Rock 9

View from Robert E. Lee's house

View of his house.

Graves of union soldiers were buried outside his house, which became Arlington cemetery.

JFK Jr's grave.

His most famous quote.

Bobby Kennedy's grave (RFK)

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