Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 53: Gallery Walk & Post it Note feedback & Solving Systems, Participation Quiz

Today's estimation was a wide vase. A lot of students underestimated. I think they are seeing that more width usually has more capacity than more height.

I also passed out the week before last's assessment. Students will have an assessment on Friday and then their trimester final that's 10% of their grade next week.

I reviewed the poster requirements: Figures 0 to 5 of the tile pattern, graph, table, and figure 100 diagram with a rule. The last part was the hardest for most students. I wrote some pocket questions on the board: Where do you see the figure number in the tile pattern? What would it be on Figure 100? Now replace 100 with x to figure out the rule. This brought up some ideas of areas of squares and rectangles.

Growth shown, as well as the rule.

Diagram of Figure 100 along with the rule.

With 10 minutes to go in the period, students were given a post it note and put their name on the front. They were to give two stars and a wish on 1 poster. 4 people maximum per table. The post it counts as a classwork grade. The two stars are specific math related feedback that you understood from their poster. The I wish is a statement that moves the poster creators to IMPROVE their poster. I pointed out helpful feedback is NOT: "I wish there was color. I wish there was no white out. I wish you found the rule, etc." Helpful feedback could be "I wish you labeled your axes on your graph. I wish you showed the growth on your table." The cool part I observed was students rushing to improve their posters after reading the feedback. That was the point.

This diagram for Figure 100 makes a lot of sense.

I allowed students to offer a rebuttal to feedback they didn't agree with. This was interesting because one student said "I wish you connected your points on your graph." And the student replied that it was a discrete graph so the points shouldn't be connected.

Another successful rule.

I'll post pictures of students work in progress and later this week I'll take a picture of some of my favorite feedback and get ready to hang the posters all over the walls and ceiling.

One student was so curious what the rule was for his pattern, so he wanted to stay in at lunch and discuss it. So, we had a conversation about how you saw the Figure number 2 in the tile pattern. Then moved to figure 100. Then how to replace 100 with x. Also, how to find the area of the rectangle. Then I previewed a topic from Algebra I with the general rectangle to multiply the 2 binomials. He was pretty satisfied afterwards.

That's why I love this section, because all the patterns are quadratic, and not linear. A lot of students like the added challenge. Some students asked their older siblings last night and came in with rules, which is exciting that they communicated to others about it, but I wanted them to come up with it based on where they see the growth in each figure.

In accelerated students wrote equations from a word problem about yodelers and xylophones. The students had a participation quiz and cooperated together in an improved fashion. There were great discussions about the fact that there were "twice as many yodelers as xylophonists." Students argued whether it was y=2x or 2y=x. Davin reasoned with scissors why the xylophones were 1 pair of scissors and the yodelers were the 2 scissors. Therefore the xylophones were multiplied by 2 to equal the 2 yodelers.

Some groups had to start over because they mixed it up or defined x and y as different variables than their teammates.

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