Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 57: Finish 4.1.4 (y=mx+b) and Around the World 4.3.1

WToday's estimation was estimating the weight of a turkey. Some students' families had already bought their turkey so they had some background knowledge.

In periods 2 through 5, students asked me questions about what would be on the test. We did a brief review of what makes a relationship proportional, making up equations with no solution, infinite solution, and one solution. The review from 2 different periods is as follows:

Then we reviewed what the parameters M and B meant in y=mx+b in relation to a tile pattern. A lot of students forgot this from Friday. Then only a few knew how to write a rule when looking at a graph. Then they worked on writing equations from tables with their groups while I circulated and asked questions, then we reviewed their results. I encouraged students that didn't understand that they need to stop their group and ask clarifying questions. I respect someone more if they are willing to ask another for assistance.

In accelerated I posted 2 copies of 10 problems from 4.3.1 and the students got to pick a person to pair up with and travel "Around the World" solving the problems. Then in the last 10 minutes students presented as many of the solutions as we could. I did not do a trimester final review because all skills from Friday assessments will be represented on the trimester 1 final except order of operations. Here is a list for you to study:

  • Graph a parabola using a table with positive and negative x values and mention any y-intercepts, x-intercepts, line of symmetry, vertex, minimum or maximum, and the direction it opens
  • Write an equation in y=mx+b form when given the slope and a point, and when given two points, showing all work clearly
  • Graph an equation, and graph a line with undefined slope and a slope of zero, and write the equation of it
  • Solve linear equations with no solution, one solution, and infinite solutions, and check if possible
  • Graph scatter plot data, interpret the data, the y-intercept, and write an equation of your line of best fit (all on your weekly assessments)
  • Exponent rules
  • Determining if side lengths form a triangle, if so what type, and using pythagorean theorem to find the hypotenuse and missing side lengths (a leg)
  • Evaluating cube, square root expressions
  • Evaluating absolute value expressions
All students will be given the whole period to take the test, and it will be 10% of the trimester 1 grade.
A student wrote me an essay for his learning log about solving systems of equations. Awesome

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