Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day 59: 4.1.5 and exponential bunnies

Today was minimum day 30 minute classes for the day before thanksgiving. The estimation was how much does the turkey cost. It was the same turkey they estimated the weight on. Students were shocked it was only a dollar a pound. I did like that students knew it would be pricier than a chicken. 

Students started on 4 different tile patterns that are given only a few clues on each. I had to remind students not to copy the graph from the book and make an accurate graph from their own table. Some students that were cooperating well got a good start on part b. Unfortunately didn't take any pictures. Then we did mathography community building. 

In accelerated we started 5.1.1. Some of the higher students wanted to go straight to an equation for the mice and men bunny problem and were getting the wrong answer. Once again I reminded them that as a group I wanted them to make a diagram for months zero to 3. They sometimes struggle with this. 

The premise is you start with 2 bunnies. They have a pair of bunnies in the first month. After that each pair has a new pair.  

Then they complete a table and find out how many bunnies after a year or 12 months. 

I had Jason share his diagram that was organized. After I had nuri and his group share his and I was very impressed. It was color coded to a table, had circles with the month number inside it. It was great. Here it is:

After they came up with tables I asked if they saw any patterns to write a rule. 

I labeled the equations with who shared them. We also saw how y=2*2^x is the same as 2^x+1 because you are adding the exponents. Jeffrey also came up with 2^x + 2^x. 

Great discussions in 30 minutes. To be continued on Monday. 

Oh and how could I forget. Some students made the connection between this problem and the iPhone app 2048. I downloaded it and it's a super fun number puzzle game. 

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