Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 60: deciphering cc standard & table & graphs of exponentials

Today's estimation was a wine glass. I think many students were close. They thought it was less than the soda can and they were very close in capacity. I'm encouraging students to at least make comparisons in their reasonings instead of saying I just guessed. 

I had a student read the common core standard we were learning and they were able to relate rate of change to growth factor and initial value to tiles in figure 0. I was glad they weren't all bogged down by the academic language of the standard. 

I also reviewed the learning goals and the success criteria. I think next I have to write them on the board so students can refer back to them. 

We reviewed the four representations of pattern A from the 2 clues given. Most students finished b and started c. Work progress was slow with it being the first day back from a break. 

I met with struggling students and encouraged them to go to homework center and I got a much bigger turn out then I anticipated. 

We solved an equation that's answer was an improper fraction so checking it was an epic process of reviewing fractions and integers. I had to take a picture of the results. 

In accelerated I passed out weekly assessments because no one was absent when we took it. Then I reviewed their diagrams from Wednesday by looking at the blog post. Then they answered how many rabbits after 12 months. 

After they analyzed cases 2 through 4 with different starting values and growth. They graphed case 2 but we didn't have time to discuss their analysis. We'll start class with that tomorrow. 

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