Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 61: 4 representations of a pattern & Rebound Ratio

Today's estimation was a large glass. A lot of students said it was around twice the size of the can, or 1 and a half cans. They said it was definitely larger than the wine glass. I told them that your reasoning should at least have a comparison to what's in the picture or what was estimated on an earlier day.

4.1.5 extended into today after passing back an old weekly assessment. The last 12-15 minutes we thoroughly reviewed the answers and connections between the 4 representations for the last 3 patterns. I had 3 different students that I had pre-selected during group work to come up and show us their work.

Tomorrow students will start on 4.1.6 and thursday they will be writing a blog post about what they know about y=mx+b and why it helps you graph a rule easily. They will also be taking pictures using the Chromebook camera and/or their own phone to support their ideas.

In accelerated we had volunteers contribute everything you could say about the Case 2 exponential graph. They said it had a y intercept of (0,10), no x-intercept, a range from 10 rabbits to infinity or when the rabbits died, and a domain from 0 to when they died.

Then students exchanged ideas about how to figure out the bounciness of an object. I had 2 or 3 students share their consensus that you divide the rebound height by the drop height to find the rebound ratio. Grace worded it in an amazing way. She said that the decimal or percent you get is the rebound height's percent of the drop height that it bounces back up to. Awesome.

Then they devised a plan, and used a meter stick and the same bouncy ball to do some trials. Then they graphed their results. They discussed if the graph went through the origin, and what the equation was. They figured the equation was y=4/5x. I asked if that had any connection to their experiment. About 5 students realized that the slope of the line, was the rebound ratio, that when they divided their rebound height by the drop height they got 0.8.

And finished the day at Benihana with my wife and my brothers family for his birthday!

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