Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 62: Graph->Rule & Rebound height versus Bounces

I passed back the trimester 1 final assessments. Ask yourself: are you satisfied with your grade? If not, how could you have changed that and what will you do in the future?

Today's estimation was putting 3 different sized cups in order of least to greatest in capacity. There was a nice twist at the end which made most people correct.

Students worked on describing how a pattern was growing and the number of tiles in Figure 0 by just looking at the graph. Then they wrote a rule in y=mx+b form based on those clues. I had to make sure students described it also instead of just writing the rule. We only went over equations a through c. On Friday students will finish d to f, and start graphing equations from a rule without using an x-y table.

Tomorrow students will be starting their blog post project to describe how to graph a rule using what they know about y=mx+b.

On Friday's assessment, expect to write a rule from a table, and completing a table, graph, and rule, from an incomplete tile pattern, just like you did on the trimester final.

In accelerated students were able to predict what would happen if you let the ball keep bouncing. They determined that the independent variable is the number of bounces and the dependent variable (y) is the bounce or drop height of the ball.

Tomorrow they will complete their experiment, write an equation, and compare their 2 graphs from the last 2 days. So busy today, that I did not take any pictures! Bummer.

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