Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 65: differentiate and finish sorting sequences

Today's estimation was the capacity of the bowl. I was off myself because I thought the bowl held more than the large vase. I asked students what they knew about the large vase. They said it was 10.7 ounces. Students yelled no it's 10.7 small vases. Ok. What do we know about small vase? It's 11 ounces. Ok great. Now estimate the capacity of he bowl in ounces. 

Some students still estimated how many small vases it would take to fill the bowl...

In periods 2 through 5 we differentiated. I had students graph y=-2x+4 and label X and y intercepts and the growth triangle. This showed me who understood what the b value 4 told them and who didn't know how to start. I had to remind students to label the intercepts with their coordinates. 

Then students finished graphing for tech 4 rules from Friday. If and when they finished that they could move on to 4.1.7. 

In the above picture I quoted Andrew. His table mate said what's the m value in y=X-1? Instead of telling him the answer he asked what's the difference between x and 1x? The classmate replied nothing and understood. 

We are starting chapter 5 with solving for y fraction busters and systems of equations. 3 big topics.

In accelerated students marched their sequences to the correct tables and graphed their sequences on the graph strips. This helped students see the parabolic sequence easier if they hadn't at first. 

They were to pick a family of sequences with common characteristics and write summary statements to present to the class. Unfortunately this didn't work well because most didn't write down their thoughts or prepare what they were going to say and left it on one group member to talk. Class ended with the new terminology arithmetic and geometric sequences. 

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