Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 69: Iditarod Line of Intersection & Geometric Sequences

Today's estimation was how many revolutions to unwind the lights. This was difficult because it was hard to see how many sets of lights were wrapped up. They did enjoy watching it get unrolled in the video.

I photocopied the Iditarod scatterplot and reduced it's size to fit 2 on 1 paper, and cut it in half for students to paste into their composition book. Luckily, students had been taught a science lesson based around the Iditarod sled dog race earlier in the year. I have to talk to my colleagues about the lesson they taught.

Students answered the discussion questions as a group. Students thought that the race was 900 miles long because that was the point of Evie's first checkpoint leaving the finish line. Other students said it was 1100 to 1200 miles because Evie was 900 miles from the starting line 30 hours into the race. So, the key was she left the finish line the same time the race started.

Students will graph two lines on Monday to find the point of intersection and wrap up some review of solving for y and eliminating fractions from equations.

In accelerated students worked on writing geometric sequences with a "piPhone"'s projected sales being 15% more each week after selling 100 phones in Week 0. They wrote an equation and then used it to predict the sales for the 4th and 52nd weeks.

I'm not sure if students were working slowly because it was a difficult concept or because they were not as focused and cooperative. I will be speaking to them about this. In the pacing guide this is a one day lesson and I'm concerned that only a few groups got the first two problems done. We will wrap it up Monday and have an additional task on Tuesday involving kobayashi and hot dog eating. 

One of my accelerated students wrote an opinion piece. I'm preparing rebuttals and my goal is to convince him why common core is good for him and all students. 

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