Monday, December 14, 2015

Day 70: graphing systems & geometric sequence multipliers

Today's estimation was how tall is mr stadels Christmas tree. Definitely a throwback to day 1 estimating his height. A lot of students thought the tree was 2 feet higher than his height. 

Then we reviewed the answers to the Iditarod activity from Friday. I picked random students' to review the summary statements they wrote. We reviewed the coordinates of the point of intersection and interpreted their meaning.

Then students setup 4 quadrant graphs and graphed 2 linear equations. Only one student all day understood the point of intersections coordinates were solutions to both equations. Some did notice some patterns between the numbers though.

Then with some direct instruction and choral response I guided students to multiplying a fraction equation by one denominator only eliminated one fraction while multiplying all terms both sides by e other denominator only eliminated that fraction. They realized you had to multiply by the lcd or least common denominator to eliminate both fractions in one step. 

They got to practice 2 equations with this and we did not practice solving for y which we will do on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

In accelerated students worked on projected phone sales that increases by 3 percent and some that decreased by 7 percent. Then students started on 5.3.3 which reviewed arithmetic sequences and the differences between sequences and functions. 

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