Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 74: Pumpkin Time Bomb (after school)

What is a pumpkin time bomb you might ask...? Watch the video.

What measurements of the pumpkin can help us predict how many rubber bands it will take to explode the pumpkin?

To gather more data to make an accurate prediction, go to this Desmos Activity and click the preview screens to see data in table and graph form.

We will submit our data to Mr Orr's Google forms here.

Here are students names, too lows, too highs, estimates, and reasoning.

Here is our video:

The top half of the pumpkin flew nearly 10 feet in the air.
451 rubber bands later... As you could hear from the video, Davin's estimate was off by only 2 rubber bands!! Students concluded that smaller pumpkins take more rubber bands to blow up because they have less empty space in the middle... and their walls may be thicker.


  1. Mr.Joyce, can I retake the test that we just got back in accel tommorow morning anytime is fine with me. -Alex Ng

  2. Our explosion was better than theirs

  3. Our explosion was much more impressive than theirs. 😃🎃