Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 90 svmi pd sub day: FAL interpreting distance time graphs

Today I was out at a SVMI professional development. We learned about Agency, Identity, and Authority. Basically, all the requirements to have empowered students and great classroom discourse (discussions). We talked about talk moves: wait time, prompting, rephrasing, and relating students ideas to others. We also talked about orchestrating a classroom discussion by anticipating student responses, monitoring their responses, sequencing them presenting, and having students make connections between different students ideas. When I have students do a lesson out of the book while I'm gone, not a lot of work gets done. So, I decided students would work on a FAL: Interpreting Distance-Time graphs and the poster they create would go up on the wall. Here is what I left for my sub, who did a great job:
With 15 minutes to go, students were given the data tables to match up with the graphs and stories.
Students ended up losing all the glue sticks, bummer. But, no students names were written down for bad behavior, YAY! Also, I can't wait to post pictures of how some of the posters turned out. I am quite pleased!

In accelerated, students worked on a lesson out of the book continuing with exponential equations. Tomorrow will be a wrap up day where students will present to the class how they wrote equations from some of the graphs and then go over what they did.

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  1. 1. Great blog Name. 2. This was a favorite lesson I used when I first learned about FALs. Two years after doing the lesson, I had some if the same students in Alg 2 and one days they this similar to the Tom problems we did in Alg 1? 3. No bad behavior for the sub...celebrate! Thanks for sharing.