Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 114: Trimester 2 Final and Recap

No estimation today, students had the whole period for the Trimester 2 Final summative assessment. It was composed of pieces of a majority of skills 10 through 19 ranging from solving equations, transformations, similar figures, graphing systems, and analyzing multiple representations of a linear pattern.

After grading the first 2 pages, students need a lot of practice solving linear equations and interpreting whether there is one solution, no solution, or infinite solutions with the correct terminology.

Below is the main topic and point of confusion we discussed earlier in the week with students thinking xy^2 was xy * xy. Students generalized the pattern between original form and simplified exponent form.
Class work earlier in the week.
I want to make posters similar to this in my room, except we call the team captain the task manager. This board is from a school in SF unified.
Someone posted this to and it made me want to use it as a notice and wonder
Here is what I worked on with a student I tutor. Howe we derive pi from any circle by dividing the circumference by the diameter. His headphone cord went around the circle to a certain point. Then it folded over 3 and a little bit times across the diameter.
Here is a video clip from Alex D where he explained how he trapped the marble path between two parabolas:
And I saw a story written in the San Mateo high school newspaper that had a photo from the students I chaperoned on the Sojourn trip to the DC area:

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