Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 117: Exit Ticket Re-Engagement & Analyzing Desmos Marbleslides

Last of the dessert pie estimations. I liked how students mentioned that the amount of pie that was missing the first day was about the same amount that was left on the 3rd day. 

Today launched with the exit ticket I corrected from yesterday and I had student volunteers come up on the board and show how they solved it. I had the questions projected on Google Slides.

We discussed the order of dividing when finding how many times heavier a blue whale was then a dwarf sperm whale. I discussed with students how the Giant one simplified the 10's which is the same as subtracting the exponents of power numbers with the same base. Some students found the weights in standard notation and subtracted the smaller weight from the bigger weight. I had to remind a lot of students to show their calculations for multiplying 1.75 by 6.01. Basically 450,000 divided by 300 is 1,500 and it just so happens that 3 multiplied by 1.5 also equals the sum of the two numbers.

Students were reminding each other of where the decimal was in the product of their two factors. I also showed students the carrot ^ button on the TI 83 calculators and we confirmed answers with it. We discussed what 1.44E24 meant on the calculator screen. Some students thought it was 1.44 exponent 44, while others clarified it's "times 10 the the power of 24."

Exploring Scientific Notation. Uncovered place value ideas.
Students had to correct numbers that were not in scientific notation because the first factor was not 1 or more and less than 10. They reasoned how the exponent would change and if it would increase or decrease.
More scientific notation.
In accelerated students responded to the pair responses to the 4 predict screens on Marbleslides parabola. I have the PDF file in yesterday's post. Students rated the responses with a check if they totally agreed, carrot ^ if they thought the answer was right but incomplete, and an X if it was completely wrong. Great discussions were had. It was better than rating post it note feedback, that's for sure, though that did have it's merits when uncovering misunderstandings of the a value from the FAL poster.
Warriors night where we won and Steph Curry hit a half court shot.

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