Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 118: Operations with Scientific Notation & Completing the Square RETEACH

Estimation was the number of pi symbols on the front of a tie. It zoomed in on a lower section of the tie and magnified it.
I had to take a picture of my colleague Miss Wong's discussion of division here. I love the simple vocabulary and intuitive way of looking at reciprocals of unit fractions.
Students reasoned about dividing numbers in scientific notation. I also reviewed yesterday's scale factor problem with the whales before they started. Many students assumed since all the previous problems were multiplication they multiplied. A lot of discussions were had about using the calculator, interpreting the result, and how to properly multiply decimals. Leo interpreted it and explained it well by saying you're trying to see how many paper clips fit in the distance from the earth to the sun.
I hoped the illustration would help students see why you were dividing. I asked 5th period why an answer with an exponent of 9 would not make sense as an answer to the problem.
In most classes I did mention the commutative property of multiplication where you could remove parentheses and switch up the order.

I discussed how people may not understand because their peers sometimes interrupt them and tell them they're wrong without using any tact sometimes. This is a topic I address frequently and refer to. I acknowledged the good ideas my students had an used an interactive notebook page from Sarah at Math Equals Love. Tomorrow students will use the quadratic equation for the first time and I'm looking up some challenge problems on

Yesterday I gave this form from my college West Ed Formative Assessment course and tabulated these results from students below:
The style of my class has not varied much with my accelerated students. They suggested more independent and partner work, wanting more notes in class (no CPM book at home & it doesn't have the examples like traditional textbooks) 

Thanks to Math Equals Love (Sarah) for the half sheet about completing the square with explicit directions.

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