Thursday, March 17, 2016

Day 123: WODB, Exit Tix Re-engage, Quadratics

Today's WODB (Which one doesn't belong) provided a wealth of ideas. My favorite by far was a student said that 9 didn't belong, because the other 3 were all 2 away from a multiple of 9. 16 being 2 away from 18, 25 to 27, and 43 to 45. It was awesome. I also liked that 9 didn't belong because the sum of its digits were not equal to 7. I learned a new word from Vasili, that the sum of a numbers digits is its "digital root?" Anyhow, it was a great discussion in every class and got progressively better. 
We started class by re engaging with their exit tickets. I showed pictures common misconceptions from yesterday's blog post for students to analyze. Then volunteers demonstrated the problems on the board. After I passed back last week's assessment, went over the answers and grading, and then started the note taking discussion. Afterwards they practices on scientific notation operation word problems in the book.

In my 2nd period class Bobby provided that the 9's digits do not sum to 7 and the rest do. Anyone got better ones for the bottom left?
Student volunteers presented each of the solutions. I wanted to make sure students declared always true or any number working in an equation "Infinite solutions."
After seeing poor understanding of scientific notation we had a class note taking session. I think it was very productive and students were very thankful. They practiced on two word problems where they had to interpret what operation to use first. Some students tried dividing and adding them.
More notes. Stressing that multiplication is commutative, the order of multiplying doesn't matter, so we can rearrange the factors between 1 and 10 and the power numbers together to multiply in scientific notation.
I wonder if I should have inserted that 43's square root was the only one that was irrational, which they worded as the square root was not a whole number.
Unfortunately Amir in 4th period didn't get to present this awesome idea until after I had cut it off. He said the difference between the 2 digits for all of them are a negative difference while 43 is 4-3=1 so it's a positive difference. Amazing.
Discussing how multiplying power numbers with same base you add the exponents. When dividing, you subtract the exponents. Also discussed how to write in correct scientifici notation when 0.5 x 10^4 because 5 x 10^3.

"43 is the only number that its tens digit is greater than the ones digit"
Peep that crocheted pi symbol in the top right! Demonstrating multiplying decimals...
I liked how 25 had the only ones place digit that was not divisible by 3. Another said when spelled out, 43 doesn't have an i in it's number's name.
In accelerated we also looked at common misconceptions as well as work that was correct and organized. Then students practiced choosing a strategy to solve quadratics. I think some are still a little shaky on completing the square so I'll ask if anyone wants to demonstrate completing the square from the exit ticket tomorrow.
Gotta go all out for St. Paddy's Day.
What are those?? (as my Ss taught me)

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