Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 127: WODB, Exponent Mistakes & Linear Inequalities

I ran into science teacher Mr Coff who had a sex ed t shirt on sent to him by a company. I couldn't get over it.
Students had sex ed week.
Couldn't get over it.
Thanks Andrew Gael for the WODB:
One student mentioned that the top right is the only that when you square it you get the same number.

I like how students pointed out that the bottom right had white numbering, while the rest were black.
After reviewing a homework problem that reviewed all of the definitions from yesterday: corresponding, alternate interior, and same side interior angles. They had to write equations when given expressions and set them equal to each other when the angles were congruent.
We also discussed how to write a mixed number for a division problem with a remainder.
For class, I gave students 10 minutes of independent work time before presenting their solutions. I made a mistake in 3rd period and did not target which problems I wanted to focus on while 2nd and 4th period brought up the problems I was hoping and anticipating they would need practice on.
Jarren came up with this reasoning for exponent mistakes w/o my assistance.
Continuing to make that jump to seeing that no factors in the numerator left means there's a 1 in the numerator.
Justin and Joey explained the (-2)^3. It differed immensely from -6^2 's discussion. I wish we talked more about how there was a coefficient of -1 even though it wasn't entirely visible.
I like how Ella's explanation had a diagram.
In accelerated students worked on a fraction WODB that the other classes had already done. They graphed 4 inequalities independently and quietly and focused. Then they applied inequalities to real life situations regarding poverty and the U.N.
My dad helped me hang my tv on the wall the complete the day.

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