Saturday, July 30, 2016

Student Testimonials 2015/16 & Reflection

I like to post these so I can respond with what I noticed about a letter from a student. Last names have been blurred out.
I like this letter because he liked seeing his work selected and displayed on my blog for the Wheel of Theodorus project. Also, I reached out to his dad and him to come for extra help after school. I saw improvement. Not sure how I made class really fun. Also, he appreciates the ability to retake an assessment.
I noticed how this student didn't like taking math after lunch during 5th period last year and 6th period this year. I was bummed that my accelerated class was stressful for him at times. I like how he admitted he had a tough time focusing, but he did come in after school for extra help towards the end of the year. The clarifications I provided helped him he verbally told me.
This student came in at the beginning of 8th grade and wasn't used to loud cooperative group work. He did say he had fun and appreciated the time spent working on concepts after school.
This student would argue for a half point on any assessment. It made for interesting conversations and really made me think what I was asking and expecting on a test question.
This student said that when kids fool around I stay calm and still control the class. Thanks!
I was disappointed with how much sarcasm I apparently use. I have to tone that down. She said it was questionable I helped her improve. Bummer. Unfortunately some students are overly concerned about their grades and expect to get an A in accelerated math since they have A's in the rest of their classes.

This was a surprising letter. It was from a student I had last year, and not this year. He liked my style of teaching and upbeat attitude. This student, contrary to an earlier student, said I am not sarcastic or harsh when I answer a question. That's a relief. He said I inspire children every day in math?? Wow, I don't always hear that. He said that a student I inspire can go into a mathematics job and make a discovery. That discovery is partly mine as well he says. Wow.
"In your math class I was given the opportunity to help my classmates and guide them." MIC DROP. That's my purpose! To facilitate students to help each other! The study team norms INFLUENCED him to help his classmates. YES! He compared new methods to methods he already knew. AWESOME. Finally, he called me influential. Wow. This was a short, but DENSE letter.

She likes my teaching style, and when I make the whole class laugh. She acknowledged they (accelerated) were extremely loud but was the way they learned.
This student acknowledged that I was strict. I guess 5th period did have some tough students that made me treat the whole class a little bit differently. He also acknowledged how poorly the classes were doing once I was on paternity leave. True story. He also thanked me for listening to suggestions for next year. He convinced me to do a little more notes, and a bit more purposeful practice.
This student mentioned he liked Desmos and using the geoboards. Definitely two of my favorite tools. He also liked the weekly Mathographies, learning about each other. He liked the suspense of Estimation 180, and didn't see how it related to math. Interesting. Learning math without knowing it is what I would say!
He said my class was the most enjoyable and that I stay positive and funny. Awesome.
This student made huge strides after transferring to my class in the middle of the year. Very rewarding.
This student acknowledged not loving common core, or CPM, but said it had some good points. Haha. He liked how I took initiative and replace a lesson when I don't like it. He liked the grading scale, and also acknowledged that in Finland they don't have homework (mine was zero percent last year) and have the highest literacy. A great letter from Jeffrey.
This student writes how he respects me. He said that even if your friends with a teacher, that takes a certain amount of respect. Some deep thoughts here.

By having the same class 2 years in a row, she commented how much they (we) bonded. She also remembers Harrison and myself arm wrestling with 2 minutes to go in the period. There's a long story behind that. My motto I borrowed from Jon Taffer, "I embrace solutions, not excuses" taught her responsibility she said. Awesome!

This student really appreciated the SBG grading system, and understood it well and liked having multiple opportunities at a skill. He also liked that I mixed in activities (FAL's, 3 act, Desmos) that were not in the CPM textbook to break up the routine. I liked that also.
This stellar student mentioned topics she learned. She also covered up her hand with her sweatshirt for the high five every day because she was a germophobe. I should have told her that she could use my hand sanitizer every day if she wanted.

This student acknowledges that I not only taught math, but how "to be good people." Awesome.
I changed this students whole view on math after he didn't like it before!! YES!!! I made a difference in how he learns! Great.
This student acknowledges that when they work in groups they work together, but when I go over stuff on the board, they work and don't listen. I think this is true for some of the students in accelerated.

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