Sunday, September 11, 2016

Desmos Match My Line Tutoring Session

ipt>I was tutoring a student this past Friday using the Desmos activity Match my Line by Michael Fenton (@mjfenton). It's an older one and proved to be a great scaffolded review of slope. A prompt of what do you know about linear equations with a response of "y=mx+b" and I encouraged him to type it in, bringing up the option to add sliders. This allowed him to revisit his background knowledge and be more adept at completing the challenges.

It also allowed me to review the concept of domain restrictions (x values) when constructing a geometric figure using line segments. After introducing the curly bracket, and a compound inequality, he quickly picked it up as well as range restrictions (y values). (Notation being: {-2<x<4}.

When he got to a line where he knew the slope but the y-intercept was quite far down the y axis, he realized that guessing and checking was not the most efficient way. He saw a need for a method. I asked him to write down the equation he mentioned earlier, y=mx+b. I asked him what he knew about the line? The slope (m). He plugged that in. Then when he clicked on the coordinate that was on the line I asked him what he noticed. I asked him what the first number represented (x). This gave him a light bulb moment. This also produced a desire to get out pencil and paper obviously as well.

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