Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 2: Days 3-7

On Monday, Day 3 I told students a little more about what they would learn this year, as well as a little bit about myself. Also, we did Day 2 of Estimation 180 estimating Mr. Stadel's wife. Once again I asked students what was the correct order to divide a fraction to get the decimal equivalent.
Then I setup for Algebra walk which would be on Tuesday.

I liked this funny exchange about me wearing shorts, knowing we'd be outside:

I love how this foreign exchange student saw the beauty of being the linear functions:

I loved the following comment about the Algebra walk. No surprise that learning kinesthetically really has a positive impact on students.

Here is the twitter video I posted of the Algebra walk with 1st period. They did a great job for the first class of the day!
In every class at sometime this week we reviewed all of the linear functions from outside. We filled out a large x-y table of all of the points. It was a great review to see how confident students were in multiplying and adding integers. After about 2 or 3 outputs, students started to see a pattern. I asked them to describe it and predict the next output. Students liked the review.

Thursday was back to school night. It was a great success. I will be posting my Google Slides from the presentation below:

On Thursday we played Polygraph: Points. Then with 20 minutes to go, we stopped after students were feeling the frustration of mistakes, people asking questions that didn't have yes or no answers, and some people not knowing which axis was which or the numbers of the quadrants, we took interactive notes.

I started by asking students to remind me where they stood outside to start the algebra walk (x axis). Then they input themselves and walked forward or backwards along the..? (y axis). I asked how many sections the axes split the graph into (4). They have a name right? (quadrants) Then students explained to me how they are numbered, and what the roman numerals looked like. A few students said it makes a C starting in the top right quadrant I.

On Friday we reviewed Figure 100 of the tile pattern in section 1.1.2 because it was a minimum day. First test is next week.

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