Sunday, December 11, 2016

Productive Peer Feedback in Gallery Walk (Student samples)

As a follow-up to my NCTM blog post (#2) about eliciting productive peer feedback, I used the same Google slides to remind students what type of feedback isn't useful and what type of feedback could move the learning forward. 

Students had 2 days to complete their posters, and on a minimum day schedule we had a gallery walk where they looked at all the posters then settled on 1 poster to stay at to look at it in more detail and give feedback.

In one class one particular group was off task and unproductive so there poster was lacking a lot compared to the rest of the posters. Only 1 person went to their poster to give feedback, and I hung all the posters in my room. I told them that it should be a reminder to them of the experience and motivate them to put forth their best effort the next time they are given a poster project.

For teachers of CPM, this is Core Connections Course 3 4.1.1 where they are exploring the 4 representations of a quadratic tile pattern.
What I liked about this is the student made a connection between how they wrote their rule, and how another group wrote their. She also elaborated how they got their rule (by making the pattern a rectangle).

Here you can see they complimented how the group showed the growth of the tiles by shading.

This student likes drawing a lot, so I decided to show how she got creating with her characters showing positive and constructive feedback.

This student shared their opinion and also why a graph can be more helpful than a table.

Here they provided some suggestions on how to make their graph more complete and easier to read.

This student noticed how a table group didn't connect the points on their graph and explained why, since it was a discrete graph and there's no such thing as a decimal figure number (that was on the poster).

One group made their y axis scaled by 1 (labor intensive) and this student commented that it inspired him. Haha.

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