Tuesday, January 31, 2017

@cpmmath 6.1.2 Rigid Transformations

If you haven't read my blog post about using Google drive, look for the one titled 5 practices. The great benefit of taking photos of students work throughout the period is you can then sequence how they are presented during the closure. Also, if 2nd period doesn't have an alternative method to a problem, but 1st period did, I can show their work and credit the student from the previous class.

It also makes it much easier to blog about because they are all stored on my Google drive or still in my camera roll.

As you can see below, students had to follow a set of instructions and transform a triangle using each of the 3 rigid transformations. A common mistake is translating the bottom right vertex and then drawing it as a different vertex such as the bottom left. Students realize they need to process that it's that corresponding point and draw the rest of the figure or translate the remaining points.

Students can visually reflect, but have a hard time describing what operation they are completing on which coordinate, and which coordinate remains the same.

Finally, I used cut up parchment paper and gave each student a piece to use on their first 2 attempts on their skill assessment and anytime during classwork. The final attempt I'm not sure if I'll allow students to use the wax or patty paper.

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