Tuesday, January 31, 2017

y=mx+b Learning Log as Exit Ticket

I gave students about 8 or 9 minutes to graph the linear equation y=-2x+3 and answer questions in the learning log prompt linked below. I looked at all of them from each of my 3 classes, and calculated how many students successfully graphed a linear equation. Since it was an exit ticket formative assessment, I didn't grade it. I only highlighted directions they didn't follow or mistake points I saw. Then a check mark with successfully graphing and checkmark for ideas I agreed with. The statistics, which I discussed with all my classes, are below:

1*: 24/27 or 89%
2*: 19/24 or 79%
5*: 20/32 or 63%

I discussed with my classes that they're all made up of different levels of students but I think that the biggest class has the most frequency of off topic conversations. Although it's a high energy level coming back from lunch, I talk to all classes that the time of day shouldn't be an excuse and it's up to every individual to be responsible for their own choices.

After passing it out I had students contribute to a whole class google doc of notes on agreed upon answers to the learning log questions. That file is available here. The biggest mistake seemed to be students ignoring the negative sign on the growth, or not having an idea about where the y-intercept was or how to find a second point.

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