Sunday, May 7, 2017

Number Tic-Tac-Toe by @mburnsmath

It all began with a tweet by Marilyn Burns a few days ago...

I figured I would introduce it to my 7th and 8th grade math support for students who had finished their homework. I left the directions on the board. Students enjoyed it immensely! So much so, that other students who were still working on their homework stopped and joined in. This class can be hard to motivate at times so to see them want a play a math game was great.

Students liked that they could beat me at the game sometimes. I was really impressed with some of the strategies they were using. We will definitely return to it.

In 6th grade math support, we focused solely on the game. I left the directions on the board and had students practice with their table partner. They asked if they could use their partner's numbers to make three in a row, and I said yes. Also, some were caught repeating numbers so they had to restart.

I played a student and saw that there was a 9 in the middle. They knew they couldn't but anything less than 6 because than I could put a small number and win. So, they put a 7, pushing the sum over 16. I was very impressed.

I then printed out a 16 team elimination bracket by googling for it and randomly put the students names in the columns, making sure their first round game would be against someone different than their practice partner.

During the practice I could talk strategy and give suggestions, but once the bracket started I couldn't to be fair to both players. Students got ultra competitive! I mean, these are kids that have been disenchanted by math for a long time and they were loving this game. I couldn't believe the spark it provided for students. On Monday we have a semifinal match to finish to decide who plays against Faby for the championship (to win a confiscated ring pop...!)

So, thank you so much Marilyn Burns for inspiring my math support students to have fun with a really cool math game.

Here are the rules from the tweet:


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  1. I love this and will be sharing with our teachers and my grandsons! I can't wait to play them when we visit in July!