Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Retaking Skill 4 Proportional Relationships & others

If you want to improve your grade follow these steps:
To retake, you must tell me beforehand so I have it ready. I can sometimes meet at 8:05am and after school by appointment. The best time is Monday after school in the homework center in the Taylor Library.

  1. Correct all mistakes on your 3 attempts on skill 4 assessments.
  2. Do at least 7 practice problems on Khan Academy:
  3. Revise and show me your Learning Log on the piece of binder paper. Be sure all aspects of the prompt are answered.
  4. Retake the assessment.
Remember how we proved my diaper buying options were not proportional by finding the unit rate:

If you want to retake Skill 1 diamond problems, prove that you can add like and unlike fractions as well as add and subtract integers. Show me

For Skill 2, points in the coordinate plane and the quadrants, practice at least 7 or more of this Khan Academy activity and show me your corrections

For Skill 3, percent error, show me your estimation 180 warm-up and lets practice some percent error and correct and analyze all your mistakes. Then take a retake.

7th graders:

For Skill 1, there's practice finding mean and median here: The link for median is right below it.

Skill 2 is converting fractions to decimal and percents and back. Fractions to decimals: . Writing decimals as fractions: Converting percents and fractions:

Skill 3's big issues are area of triangles and trapezoids. That can be practiced here: and

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