Sunday, February 25, 2018

My CPM National Conference Presentation

I had a great weekend at the CPM national conference held at the Embassy and Hilton in Burlingame. I will post a full reflection of the sessions I went to when I go through my notes.

I tried to get the word out about my session:

For my session, it was great! Much better performance than when I presented it at Asilomar. A big reason I believe is I chose to focus on solving equations with algebra tiles rather than rotating a Which One Doesn't Belong prompt around the table. We discussed how some people were flipping a tile over from one side of the equals sign to the other and I interpreted it as a valid shortcut that myself nor CPM I think have a name for. I said it's basically adding a balanced set to both sides and making a zero pair after all at once. For example, x-2=1. Adding 2 to both sides or taking the -2 flipping it over to be positive and moving it to the right side. Also, instead of solving equations with the sage and scribe strategy, I printed out a pre-gridded 4 quadrant coordinate plane using and put them into sheet protectors rather than passing out whiteboards. This actually worked out really well. I forgot to tell participants to keep switching roles instead of stopping after doing 1 each. Chubby Bunny for solving systems worked out well again. Mystery teacher went great. A majority of people were from outside California and then we narrowed it down by teaching above algebra 1 and hobbies. I got to talk about front loading vocabulary for a learning log exit ticket, and then briefly went over the last few activities with pictures of students doing Hot Seat. Thanks everyone who came for making it a great session!
A major part of my presentation is using Google drive to display work to facilitate closure discussions. I recorded a YouTube screencast with a voiceover to explain the process.
Here is the work participants did that I displayed to discuss:

Unfortunately I only got one picture of people in action solving an equation with algebra tiles as a group taking turns using different colored pencils (Hot Potato STS, a study team strategy)
Here is my Google Slides presentation. On the first slide is a link to a Google folder that has some of the hand outs to print out. Also some participants asked if my anchor charts for y=mx+b and algebra tiles were on the presentation. The answer is no. Here they are in tweets embedded below though.