Saturday, March 31, 2018

CPM Presentation Feedback

2. How worthwhile was this session?3. Please explain your answer to question 2.4. Should the topic be repeated next year?5. Was the speaker knowledgeable?6. Please explain your answer to question 5.7. Was the speaker organized?8. Please explain your answer to question 7.9. Should the speaker be invited back to present next year?10. Was the session room conducive to a worthwhile presentation? 11. Please explain your answer to question 10.12. We welcome any additional comments you may have about this session.
5I will be able to use this in my classroom!55Nice usage of strategies5Thank you for the usage of your presentation during it. This way I could cut and paste right into my notes.51
Too small of a room
5He had so many resources! The session was packed with useful teacher resources. 55He had correctly taught for many years. 5Yes, they prepared so many activities and resources. 52
They needed a larger room
4The strategies were helpful but similar to things presented in CPM training sessions.45He knew a lot about multiple strategies.4Slides and presentation materials were well thought-out.42
The room was way too small. It was difficult to see the screen for the presentation.
5Awesome. I have seen the group work strategies and have used a few. It was great to see how the other strategies are used. Great. 55Yes, he was able to show how to use in classroom. 5Came prepared with tools for all strategies. 52
Room was too small to actively moive around in.
5Martin is so dynamic and inspirational. He offered tools and ideas to improve strategies during instruction.55Martin was so prepared and, by allowing us to actually practice the strategies, it reinforces the importance of student centered learning...don’t steal the words from the kids.5Martin came with all the necessary materials to actively engage the participants.51The room was way too small and crowded for ease of movement and ease of seeing the screen.
Definitely invite Martin back for next year; truly excellent presenter.
sold out crowd i had to take a knee
4I knew of many of the ST strategies presented by Martin, but it was good to see them again. I'd like to hear more about what happens when things go awry with his study norms.
Also after looking at my notes from the structure, I wish Martin had talked more about how he uses exit tickets to write lesson notes for the following day.
44Martin had good examples of the ST strategies4All tools were easily given out, and presentation was clear.41
The room was an odd shape, and not all attendees could see the presentation screen easily.
4Good examples, suggestions.45Had practiced what he taught.5Well organized.52
Too small.
4Lots of ideas were shared and interactive44Yes, he had lots of great ideas and activities4Great job41
4th floor Hyatt, this room should not be used. You can’t move around or see presentation. Presenter is stuck in a corner
5There was a lot of useful material55He had command of all of the methods used in his session.5Very well put together presentation53
The room was very small
5This was a great session with lots of resources I can continue to reference.55The presenter obviously knew his material.5The presenter had everything organized and a great presentation set up.51
The room was small and awkwardly shaped. It was very cramped. I was lucky that I was near the front. Some of the people couldn't hardly see the presentation.

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