Can you come up with definitions of these three types of triangles from the cartoon?

I saw this at the supermarket and had to take a photo. How you can make sense of it?

Funny, and it's a learning opportunity.

A great song by a legendary band... beefed up by

Here's one for the English teachers. Not totally mathematically sound, but good enough.

Every math teacher's favorite holiday.

Wanna know what a ratio is? Funny... there's a Spanish version too.

Math can change the world.

Appropriate for Alg 2.


  1. Do not forget "Puff Puff Positive" and "Nice Negative"

    1. Is this Grace Shang? If so, heyyyy! I saw Chloe walking with Marina the other day and yelled her name out the window of my car.

      Interestingly, I showed that video, called Slope Dude, to all my 8th graders. You guys (accelerated) learned about slope in 7th grade but I figured it would be entertaining. Apparently, I was right. And just for you, I'll post a link to that video on this page, so you can get a chuckle or 2.